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WELCOME to web site of VetaXstyle Racing company
motorsport and car tuning parts and accessories.

- Tuning and racing seats BRIDE, Sparco, RECARO;
- Seat belts 4-5-6 point TAKATA, Sparco, OMP, Sabelt;
- Steering wheels OMP, Sparco, MOMO, Nardi;
- Steering wheel quick release MOMO, Sparco;
- Shift knobs, pedals, Mugen, Skunk, Ralliart, Nismo, TRD, STI;
- Hood lock D1, tow hook Benen, Lambo doors kit and others;
- Autosport equipment FIA : Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars.

ADVAN Rays XXR диски
- Tuning and racing wheels ADVAN, BRAID (Spain);
- Wheels Rays, Work, BBS, 5Zigen, Weds, Rotiform, Schmidt, Vossen and others;
- Tuning wheels Konig, XXR, Varrstoen, Rota;
- Mercedes-Benz wheels (AMG, Brabus, Lorinser);
- BMW wheels (Schnitzer, Hamann, Alpina);
- Wheel nuts Rays, Volk racing, Kics Project, Project Mu, Muteki.

carbon tuning
- Carbon fiber parts and spoilers OEM Style;
- Body kits Origin, Uras, VeilSide;
- Exhaust HKS Hi-power, intake Apex'i K&N, turbo;
- suspension (coilovers) Yellowspeed, TEIN springs;
- Oil collers, oil catch tank GReddy Cusco, blow off HKS GReddy;
- Hydraulic hand brakes.

- MOTO equipment Dainese, Alpinestars, Berik, Icon, FOX, AXO, TrouLee, O'neel, Ktm, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki и др.

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Our phone in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk: +38 050 7899353


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Спортивные сиденья и ремни BRIDE, Sparco, TAKATA, Recaro. Рули OMP, Momo. Ламбопетли, датчики Defi, Blitz. Легкосплавные диски.